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Bad habits that lead to hair loss

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As I mentioned at the first posting "What’s good for HAIR LOSS?", A lot of men and women living in the middle east suffer from hair loss or damaged hair. Experts say It would be caused by extremely hot weather, air pollution, and heredity. Meanwhile, some women experience falling hair because of poor diet. Today's topic is Bad habits that lead to hair loss as its sequel. If you worry about hair loss, you should read today posting. 


1. Scratching your scalp with your nails while shampooing. 

Some people prefer to scratch their scalp using their nails while they are shampooing because they think their scalp gets cleaner and fresher. But, This is a completely wrong idea. It can irritate and hurt the scalp. Moreover, In the case that the nails have harmful germs, the scalp would be contaminated. 

Note that before shampooing, wash your hands including nails thoroughly. And when washing your hair, use your fingers, not use nails, and massage very gently. 


2. Using hot air for blowdrying hair 

 When you blowdry your hair, do you use hot air of a hairdryer? This habit can lead to damage your hair. Hot air sensitizes your scalp and increases the heat of the scalp. On the other hand, If you don't dry your hair and let it wet, your hair will smell bad and have Seborrheic dermatitis. The best way is to blowdry with cold air or natural wind. 


3. Eating imbalanced diet

An unhealthy and poor diet causes hair loss as well as ruins our health. Because healthy hair grows when the hair roots are supplied with enough nutrition, We should eat a well-balanced meal every single day. 


Was it helpful for you? K-SECRET really hopes that everyone has healthy and glossy hair! See you next time K-SECRET Lovers ; D 


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