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What’s good for HAIR LOSS?

A lot of men and women living in the middle east suffer from hair loss or damaged hair. Experts say It would be caused by extremely hot weather, air pollution, and heredity. Meanwhile, some women experience falling hair because of poor diet.

Today, I’d like to introduce some ingredients that are effective in stopping hair loss. These ingredients are widely well known for helping regrow or strengthening hair.


  1. Protein


A strand of hair consists mostly of a protein called keratin so, hair needs protein to grow. If you don’t take enough protein. Your hair could fall out easily because of deficiency. According to the study, a lot of participants suffering from hair loss have some nutritional deficiencies, including amino acids that make up protein



  1. Black beans

In Korea, black beans are extremely well known as an ingredient making hair strong and thickening. Vitamin E and Essential fatty acid contained in Black beans prompt blood circulation and eventually, it helps prevent hair loss and keep hair healthy.

My Recommendation: NATURE REPUBLIC Black bean Anti Hair Loss Shampoo


  1. Biotin

I think many people already know that Biotin is very helpful for hair loss! It’s a popular ingredient contained in hair care products specialized in hair loss. Biotin is also called as Vitamin B7. According to the research from Switzerland, the hair of group that steadily took the biotin get stronger 25% more and the nails and claws became more glossy.

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  1. Rosemary

In 2015. a study found that rosemary oil could stimulates hair growth through the experiment for 6 months. Also, rosemary oil has ability to remove some bacteria. One of the easiest ways of using rosemary for preventing hair loss in your daily life is using the product containing rosemary oil.

My Recommendation: AROMATICA Rosemary Root Enhancer


I Introduced four representative ingredients for anti-hair loss and regrowing hair. Was it helpful? K-SECRET really hopes that everyone has healthy and glossy hair! 

See you next time K-SECRET Lovers ; D 


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