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4 Best Anti-hair loss products that will strengthen your hair & scalp!

A lot of men and women living in the middle east suffer from hair loss or damaged hair. Experts say It would be caused by extremely hot weather, air pollution, and heredity. Meanwhile, some women experience falling hair because of poor diet.

Today, I’d like to introduce four effective anti-hair loss products made in Korea that will strengthen your hair and scalp. 


DASHU Daily Anti-Hair Loss Scalp Shampoo 500ml

 DASHU Daily Anti-Hair Loss Scalp Shampoo is A functional shampoo for hair loss. By containing the 3 kinds of proteins which are the most similar to the human body, the shampoo helps to care rough hair strongly and healthily. This shampoo is fortified with Biotin, Niacinamide, Dexpanthenol, Zinc Pyrithione which are the functional materials for hair loss. 

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AROMATICA Rosemary Active V Anti-Hair Loss Tonic

  This anti-hair loss tonic formulated with rosemary and botanical ingredients helps to prevent falling hair and strengthen sensitive, damaged, and tired hair. Vitamin Active V containing 5 types of vitamins and MSM contained in this anti-hair loss tonic refreshes your scalp.

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NATURE REPUBLIC Black bean Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

As you can see from its name, Black bean Anti Hair Loss Shampoo contains Black bean extract and Black complex. In Korea, black beans are extremely well known as an ingredient making hair strong and thickening. Vitamin E and Essential fatty acid contained in Black beans prompt blood circulation and eventually, it helps prevent hair loss and keep hair healthy. 

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THE SKIN Hair Soap (Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo Soap)

This hair soap purifies sebum, dead skin cells, residues on scalp while helping generate healthy hair root and elastic & supple hair. Also this soap doesn't contain harmful ingredients irritating skin (No paraben, No silicon, No surfactant) and Its soft bubble cleans oiliness and waste on scalp clearly. 

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