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Introducing hero ingredients for summer skincare




When summer comes, our skin changes weirdly. The skin gets stressed and sensitive easily due to intense sunlight and It's hard to use a heavy moisturizer that we use during winter because the hot weather melts thick & oily moisturizer and generates excess sebum. As a result, our skin is dehydrated and exhausted in summer. So today, K-SECRET introduces hero ingredients for summer skincare : D 



For soothing; ALOE VERA


 Aloe vera's non-oily and mild texture soothes heated skin and provides a fresh feeling that wakes tired skin up. 

Aloin contained in Aloe suppresses creating melasma and freckles and has an excellent soothing effect, calming down heated & sunburned skin. In addition, when the skin is sunburned for a long time from outdoor activities, it helps to regenerate cells, thereby protecting the skin.



For balancing; Green Tea

Green tea contains a large amount of tocopherol and amino acids, which prevents the oxidation of cell membranes and moisturizes skin well. 

Catechin found in green tea has a powerful anti-oxidant effect that delays your skin from aging and also has an anti-inflammatory effect that calms skin troubles.

Green tea contains 5-8 times more vitamin C than lemon, which helps to reduce the formation of blemishes and keep the skin bright and radiant. 





Did you enjoy today blog? I'm going to come back with a more interesting post. See you soon K-SECRET Lovers ; D 




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