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K-Beauty Review : Jayjun Green Tea Eye Gel Patch

Jayjun is one of the most famous Korean beauty brands in the middle east. Especially, its eye patch item named Green Tea Eye Gel Patch is being loved a lot by Arab women. An eye patch is a very iconic cosmetic of K-beauty so, hundreds of eye patch items are on the market to catch customers around the world. How did Jayjun's eye patch gain fame in the Arab world through this keen competition? To solve this curiosity, I reviewed the product on my own. 
This package caught my fancy because it looked gorgeous and the flower pattern was lovely. Only one thing that its capacity wasn't bigger than I expected made me sad. But, the overall appearance was good. 
When I opened this item, I was surprised a little bit because these patches seem to contain real green tea as you can see in this image. Next, I was surprised again that the smell was awesome! It smells like a cup of sweet green tea latte. 
Using a spatula included in this product, I scooped up a piece of the patches. I felt the texture of this hydrogel was like a thin jelly. 
 I'm satisfied personally with its enriched essence. It was enough to soak into the 60 patches. When I put it on the back of my hand, the non-sticky gel adhered so smoothly and I felt the instant cooling effect. 
 Let's compare where I put the Jayjun patch and where I didn't. Where I put the patch is visibly well moisturized and smooth. According to the product detail pages, green tea powder & 10 kinds of natural extracts firms and soothes skin. If I start to use this item on my under eye area, I'm sure it will help to prevent and firm my under eye wrinkles.
I'll be back with 2 weeks review since I'm going to use Jayjun's green tea eye gel patch every morning and night. See you next posting guys : D 

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