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The 5 Best Korean Functional Masks that would be your life-changing items.

How is your skincare going? Korean mask world is continuously developing. Not only sheet masks but also unique patches, wash off masks, and body are created to make our skin healthier and looking glow. This time, K-SECRET introduces the 5 best Korean functional masks that would be your life-changing items. 
-JAYJUN Green Tea Eye Gel Patch 
Green Tea Eye Gel Patch is being loved a lot by Arab women. Formulated with green tea powder and Botaniceutical Plus-10, this hydrogel patch is very suitable for sensitive skin because of its calming and soothing effect. This patch like a jelly adheres to skin around eyes and smile zone perfectly. 
-MAXCLINIC Miraclinic Mask 4pcs (Plaster Corset Mask)
This mask called Plaster Corset Mask is a tighteing & penetration & lifting effect mask. Ceramide restores tightness to damaged skin and cultivates moist skin while helping replenish. 
-JAYJUN Real Water Brightening Black Mask 
With Niacinamide known as brightening ingredient, this Real Water Brightening Mask helps to make your skin clear & glow by preventing the generation of melanin inside of the skin. Also, this mask contains Adenosine ingredient that has a lifting effect that helps to make the skin elastic.
-INNISFREE Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X
Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X provides triple exfoliation from encapsulated Jeju volcanic scoria, walnut shell powder, and AHA; enhanced deep cleansing formula removes away fine dust particles, pore-clogging dirt, and dead skin cells; provides powerful sebum-absorbing capacity as it washes away impurities while moisturizing and brightening skin; leaves a cooling sensation when applied that refreshes pores. 
-Shiny & Smooth Foot Mask 
Shiny & Smooth Foot Mask is designed to nourish & moisturize feet. The mask sheet including Shea butter oil provides moisture deeply and keeps skin soft and supple. This mask supplies gloss and moisture to rough feet. Stearic Acid removes dead skin cell of feet and makes your feet creamy and moist. 
As I introduced above, these 5 masks of Korea, which are being loved by K-beauty lovers have their own unique technology and effects that are specialized in.
They will take care of your skin on the face and body naturally and gently. Pick the right product that is suitable for your skin concern and turn into healthy skin! 

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