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What is Clean Beauty?

Clean Beauty is the hottest word as the customers who consider our earth is increasing. This keyword is obviously trendy. At the same time, its meaning is quite ambiguous though. What is Clean Beauty exactly? and how can I start a Clean Beauty life? Let's discuss it. 

 What is Clean Beauty? 

Some people consider it organic or vegan cosmetics. But it's not the perfectly same idea. The concept of Clean Beauty can be varied depending on who defines it. But usually, Clean Beauty means products made by non-harmful and non-toxic ingredients.
Nowadays, the meaning of Clean Beauty is expanded to the products that think of the environment and life. Most Clean Beauty brands use simple ingredients that are safe for humans and never test on animals (Cruelty-Free) and think sustainability for the earth. 

Start your Clean Beauty life with Korea Clean Beauty Brand. 

 Krave Beauty 
  Krave Beauty is a K-Beauty brand founded by a Korean beauty YouTuber, Liah Yoo. She created a new moisturizer named Oat So Simple Water Cream which is made by a recycling package. In this video, she said she uses PET plastic, which has the highest chance to be reused for their packaging. 
COSRX has been trying to provide solutions to customers all over the world since 2015 and makes products that focused on effective ingredients. COSRX doesn't contain talc, mineral oil, resorcinol ingredients, urea, hydroquinone, Sulfates SLS and SLES, Parabens, Formaldehydes, Formaldehyde-releasing agents, Phthalates, Retinyl palmitate, Oxybenzone, Coal tar, Triclosan and Triclocarban in their products to provide customers with transparent ingredients. 
 Aromatica is one of the representative clean & vegan brands in Korea. They create sustainable skincare and haircare products to protect the environment and life on the earth. They are using pure and botanical ingredients that maximize effect and solve diverse skin concerns. 


Dear Klairs 
Dear Klairs offers skincare products that make skin healthy only with simple ingredients. Klairs states that they've never used harmful ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin and never tested on animals. Another attractive thing is Klairs provides clean & natural items at reasonable prices to the customers. 

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