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K-SECRET Calamine Secret Set

Total solution for Oily skin, K-SECRET Calamine Secret ! 

#Tightening PORES #Removing BLACKHEAD #Calming ACNE

Calamine Secret Set consists of all secret units, Bar, Toner, Cream, and Sunblock. All products contain real calamine which is well known for acne treatment by its Anti-inflammatory properties.


We recommend this set to those who worry about

√ Enlarged pores & blackhead

√ Reoccurring acne

 Excess sebum

√ Cakey makeup

√ Dead skin cells



Secret Set consists of all secret units, Bar, Toner, Cream, and Sunblock. All products contain real calamine and use natural ingredients.

[Bar] Calamine Secret Bar changes your skin smooth and clear since this Bar is relatively Low ph and contains natural based ingredients including allantoin, propolis, hyaluronic acid, opuntia, flus-indica extract. 

[Toner] Calamine secret toner which contains real Calamine powder 30,000ppm is effective for tightening enlarged pores and calming blemishes and ACNE. Especially for oily skin type, this toner makes your skin matte and clean.

[Cream] Calamine Secret Cream contains Calamine 10,000ppm and has Smooth texture. According to a satisfaction test, Secret cream shows its excellent sebum control, moisturizing, soothing&calming functions.

[Sunblock] Calamine Secret Sunblock with Pink Tone-Up is a triple functional cosmetic, "brightening, anti-wrinkle, UV protection". while Calamine relives sun-burn skin, Ton-up function. 


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