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ACNE Removal + SCAR Removal Dual Function !

Secret to pure skin, KSECRET Aha. Bha. Pha Secret Kit. 

Also, Secret Kit was big enough to use a whole month


Dual Function skincare kit for ACNE skin

1. AHA BHA PHA, Centella Asiatica, Tea Tree -> ACNE Removal

2. Cedar Leaf Ferment(Patent ingredient), Lotus Leaf Ferment(Patent ingredient), Niacinamide 20,000ppm, Other 10 natural ingredients -> SCAR Removal 


Aha is well known as a mild exfoliator. It pushes away dead skin cells naturally so it makes sense it can resurface and improve skin texture. Bha has anti-inflammatory properties so it is good for controlling excessive sebum, clogged pore, and acne. Pha is created to be suitable for sensitive skin. It retains moisture well and strengthens the skin barrier. Lastly, Tee tree leaf water is great for managing skin troubles. Thanks to its ability, it calms and soothes troubled skin like acne, sunburn. 

All items of this kit include Aha, Bha, Pha and Tee tree leaf water. Cleanser and Toner have the ability to exfoliate and purify skin. Serum and Cream hydrate skin while soothing skin caused by breakouts excellently. 

The other main ingredients are 'Cedar Leaf Ferment' and 'Lotus Leaf Ferment' which are patented ingredients for ACNE care. It is effective for reduction of sebum, anti-rosacea, and enhancement of skin immunity. 


We recommend it to

√ oily skin

√ excessive sebum & pore

√ Acne and skin troubles






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